Framework has just announced its plans for its DIY laptop lineup. There will be brand-new upgrades that will make Framework DIY laptops focus strictly on improving performance. And with these upgrades in place, you might not even need to purchase any other laptops for a long time.

But before getting into all of that, let’s first understand what Framework DIY laptops are all about. At the core, the brand’s options are highly repairable and upgradeable. Unlike Apple MacBooks or other Windows laptops, you can swap out every component of the device.

Now, with the latest plans for Framework DIY laptops in place, you can, for the very first time, use these models as a fully-capable workstation or gaming PC. That, on its own, makes the laptops a go-to pick for many.

Framework DIY Laptops Make a Leap in Performance

The new Framework DIY models will have two main upgrades on the motherboards. One of them makes the laptops transition from 12th Gen Intel CPUs to 13th Gen CPUs. And the other one introduces AMD CPUs for the first time in Framework’s ecosystem.


Looking back, the 12th Gen Intel CPUs were dragging Framework laptops behind. These chipsets were negatively affecting the battery performance. According to Framework, the 13th Gen chipsets will greatly improve the DIY laptops’ overall battery efficiency.